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Thanks to the Nerdery for their continued web support!

  • June 23, 2020

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to The Nerdery, a local website development company, for it's continued efforts to help maintain the Little Voyaguers' Montessori School's (LVMS) website. They again recently helped to address some issues we were experiencing while maintaining and updating the LVMS website. We reached out to them for support and they donated their time to help address the issues with the site. Their response time was quick and efficient, which helps us tremendously. We value our continued partnership with The Nerdery!

We wouldn't have the website we do if it weren't for The Nerdery. In 2012, LVMS participated in the Nerdery's Overnight Website Challenge, which is when the tech community form teams of web pros that show up not knowing what nonprofit they'll serve, and they work pro bono, for the next 24 hours to build a website that meets the nonprofit's needs. The LVMS staff and board at the time participated in the challenge and the result is the lovely website that you see today!

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