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Yoga In The Classroom

  • July 21, 2017

Recently Pastor Michelene began yoga lessons with the children! Not only is she the pastor of St. Timothy's Lutheran Church, but she is also a certified yoga instructor (ages children-seniors)! She will lead a yoga time with the children each week, and the staff will continue to do what they learned with the children throughout the rest of the week. We are excited to have her work with the children!

Why Yoga?

Yoga is the oldest form of physical fitness in the world; it is also the most available to people of all ages. Yoga encourages children to explore their natural flexibility, and to become stronger through natural and functional physical movement using their own body and weight. Today, children are under a lot of stress. Participating in a movement-type activity like yoga teaches ways to counteract stress.

What is being taught?

Teaching yoga to preschoolers combines movement and play. It is playful, creative, and fun functional movement, combined with breath work or within time.

As you know well, your preschooler is curious about everything. Preschoolers love to explore, move, roam, and ask questions. The class with the children is on Mondays at 1pm, lasting 30 minutes. Each class is instructed with a breathing exercise, movement postures like mountain, tree, table, pitcher, or rock, and concludes with final quiet time or within time.

Children are encouraged to participate at their comfort level. The yoga movement class is mind/ body fitness and not about any religious or spiritual connotations. If you have questions or would like to participate in a class please contact Pastor Michelene at 763.571.9721.

The children have started doing yoga on Mondays with Michelene. Here are a few words from her regarding yoga and what she does with the children:
“I am Pastor Michelene Verlautz, the new Pastor for St. Timothy's Lutheran Church. I am also a certified yoga instructor with specialized training by YogaFit for Kids.