• “You have helped shape our son's curious and eager mind, help him learn how to be a true friend, care for others, take responsibility for himself, and lead others. Thank you for the way you tend to our children - your work in invaluable.”

    —Melody O.
  • “Our daughter is a very unique girl; her creativity, leadership, and discipline were able to shine at LVMS.”

  • “We are so happy with LVMS and it's because of the dedication and commitment of the staff to make each day a new learning experience for the children.”

    —Ben H.
  • “We appreciate the life skills our son has learned in how to treat others, being helpful, good-decision making skills, and doing things on his own.”

    —Alaina M.
  • “We have seen so much positive growth in our daughter - making new friends, becoming more confident, learning new things, and developing her desire to learn. We appreciate all you done to create this wonderful learning environment.”

    —Emily R.
  • “Thank you for respecting our culture and the level of loving care you provided! We are forever grateful for your help and guidance in teaching my children life long lessons.”

    —Anita P.
  • “Our son benefited from the small class size, personal attention, and genuine bonds between students and between students and staff members. I highly recommend the school.”

    —Ingrid C
  • “Our daughter and son each made lasting friendships with the other children that they still hold dear.”

    —Melanie A
  • “They really do a wonderful job of working not only with the children and the parents but the family. LVMS truly is a wonderful school.”

    —Sheri B
  • “The teachers and staff of LVMS provide unending hard work and passion to provide an excellent learning experience for our children.”

    —Ryan K
  • “We have had two children attend LVMS and we couldn't have been more happy with our relationship with the school.”

    —Dirk D
  • “We searched all of the Twin Cities for an environment that would be educationally challenging while providing an enriching environment. We found it at LVMS.”

    —Dianne P
  • “The teachers and staff really take the time to get to know each child and work with them at their own pace - they encourage and nuture their love of learning.”

    —Gina C
  • “LVMS has dedicated staff who care about children, families, and community. They are true to the Montessori Method, and have built up a truly nurturing environment that follows the needs of each child enrolled.”

    —Kaye Ann
  • “We have noticed so many positive changes in him since he started two short months ago. His vocabulary has increased ten-fold!”

    —Jaime O
  • “My daughter now is in 5th grade and she has been reading at a 12th grade level for almost a year. I am confident that her academic development would not be where it is today had she not attended LVMS.”

    —Don F
  • “Bringing in elders from a nearby care facility to work with the children for a day, and engaging with educational resources from the city and county (such as the "Bug Guy") are just two examples of the way LVMS demonstrates a drive to create a network of community awareness and involvement.”

    —Chris J
  • “I have had the wonderful experience of having two children at LVMS and have seen first hand the hard work that goes into the children's amazing experience.”

    —Jessica P
  • “The biggest thing that I walk away with is our daughter's academic and social acceleration. She has become a more articulate, confident girl.”

    —Sarah W
  • “Little Voyageurs is an amazing community, one which I am so proud to be a part of.”

    —Kelley B
  • “LVMS is a special place that provides a great education and safe learning environment. They have long-term staff who truly care for and invest in the children they serve.”

    —Joe P
  • “The gentle nature of the staff and the commitment to the children is like none other.”

    —Vicki and Chris H
  • “My husband and I searched for the best school suited for our three- year-old daughter and we found it with Little Voyageur’s Montessori School.”

    —Natasha and Nick E
  • “They are so passionate about what they do, taking the time to lead each child on their own separate journeys of learning and life. The school is so welcoming, the staff is great!”

    —Justin G
  • “LVMS has been a wonderful blessing to our children.”

    —Nathan R
  • “The friendships our children established with kids who look or speak differently than they do has established an open-mindedness that has carried through into their elementary school years.”

    —Annette K
  • “The idea that children learn skills they will use all their lifetime is very much a reality at Little Voyageurs.”

    —Mike S
  • “Sending our daughter to Little Voyageurs has been the best decision that we have ever made.”

    —Amy and Ryan C
  • “The dedicated staff reaches out to parents to work with parents in the best interest of the child. Many children develop friendships that continue for years.”

    —Karen Smith
  • “Our decision to send her to school there was one of the best we've ever made.”

    —Tanager P
  • “It is amazing to hear little Nico, at age 4 talk about the continents and countries he has learned about.”

    —Mary Jo C
  • “The excellent Montessori program, flexible after-care program and elder program were what attracted us to the school. The staff was great and really cared for the children.”

    —Linda R
  • “The staff has a special way of bonding with each child individually to make them feel secure. I highly recommend this school for your child's education.”

    —Julie H
  • “We are most pleased that Adam is flourishing in his environment, and we thank LVMS for the great head-start.”

    —Paul A
  • “LVMS offers wonderful learning opportunities in a safe environment with professional staff.”

    —Andrew K
  • “You know your child is in the right place when they wake up EVERY morning at five ready to learn.”

    —Neal Family
  • “His transition to 1st grade at the public school was smooth, thanks to preparation by the staff at LVMS, and he continues his love of learning there as a 2nd grader.”

    —Phaedra W
  • “The attention we were given after just stopping in and inquiring was enough for us to know the type of environment our son would be entering into. He's one of the youngest at the school and he's been supported and guided by the teachers and surprisingly, the other students. We are proud advocates of the school!”

    —The Baileys
  • “The difference between LVMS and the previous one we attended was absolutely striking. Believe me, not all preschools are the same, and LVMS utterly shines.”

    —Sarah W
  • “Thank you so much for all the time, hard work, and attention you pour into the school, kids, and families. We have loved sending our daughter to Little Voyageurs'. We're so glad we found your school. What a labor of love you pour into our daughter, and all the other children at LVMS.”

    —Elizabeth & Max S.