Children between the ages of approximately 31 months and 6 years attend our school. Most children are 31 months to 4 years when they start attending LVMS and are able to continue through their kindergarten year offering an individualized program for each child's developmental growth rate.

Parents must visit the school for a pre-enrollment conference to ensure the program will meet the needs of their child and to better understand our philosophy and program. The child must be able to communicate and be physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of participating in classroom activities LVMS will work with the parents to help a child become fully toilet trained. Toileting is a big concern for some children that are ready for a more challenging environment but are unable to participate without independent toileting skills. Our staff has found that most children grasp the idea within a short time.

LVMS also works with children that do not speak English. A child that participates in our Montessori program learns by hands-on activities while interacting with other children. This fosters the child's inner ability to learn another language at a young age. The child's listening and speaking ability grows as more time is spent within the classroom of their peers.

Children with special needs such as learning disabilities may be admitted to the school if the disability can be accommodated within the present program structure. All children must be able to participate without risk to themselves or to other children.

The biggest thing that I walk away with is our daughter's academic and social acceleration. She has become a more articulate, confident girl.

Sarah W