Annual School Events


This is a week prior to the start of our summer and fall sessions dedicated to the new children, for them to become more familiar in the Montessori classroom and routine. Phase-in gives the children opportunities to form friendships, bond with the staff, become familiar with the materials, and feel more comfortable in the environment.

New Parent Meeting

During our fall phase-in week, there is a meeting for new parents to learn about the school, our policies & procedures, answer parent questions, and meet one another.

Ice Cream Social

Our ice cream social is an opportunity for new and returning parents, children, and families to meet and get to know each other while playing on the playground and eating ice cream!

Parent Visitation Day

During Parent Visitation Day, parents come to school with their child for the first hour of Montessori. This is a time for the children to show their parents some of the materials and activities they have been working on. It also gives parents an opportunity to see their child engaged in the classroom prior to parent-teacher conferences.


Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year (fall and spring). Each family is expected to sign up for a conference time to learn more about their child’s individual progress. Additional conferences can be scheduled upon request.

Picture Day

Each year, the children have the opportunity to have their individual pictures taken by a professional photographer, and a class composite is also printed. Parents may or may not choose to purchase any pictures.

Holiday Social

Our annual holiday social begins with a slideshow presentation of the children doing their work in the classroom, followed by the children singing songs that they have learned. The evening concludes with time for refreshments and socializing with other families. Grandparents and family members are welcome to attend!

Field Trips

Field trips are taken (with written permission) to children’s plays, zoos, and other areas of interest. Parents are welcome to attend and chaperone. Special programs are also brought into the school.

Parent Membership Meetings

Little Voyageurs is a non-profit, parent-run school. Membership meetings are held two times during the year. The meetings provide parents with information, give opportunity for input on issues and direction of the school, and provide the opportunity to vote on issues and new board members.

Butter Braids Fundraiser

Annual fall fundraiser starts the end of September through mid October. Orders are delivered mid November.

Family Potluck Picnic

At the end of May, LVMS families enjoy a family picnic on the school playground. It’s a time for food and fun

Kindergarten Graduation

At the end of the school each school year, there is a graduation ceremony for the Kindergarten graduates and their families.

Parent Education

Silent Journey

During the silent journey, parents have the opportunity to explore the materials in the Montessori classroom, receive presentations from our Montessori Guides, and ask questions to learn more about the materials and activities in the Montessori classroom.

Kindergarten Meeting

Parents are shown how Practical Life and Sensorial activities prepare and lay a foundation for Math and Language (both reading and writing) activities, and are given an overview of the program with details of the Math and Language curriculum. Goals for the Kindergarten year are shared with parents, since the Kindergarten year is generally the time when the child begins to integrate everything he/she has learned in the first few years.