Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

A stronger school community is created when families are involved and working together and it builds a better environment for children. To carry out the mission of the school it is expected that each family participate in some way to keep the school strong. This can be done by volunteering time and participating in activities, meetings, fundraisers, and being a board member.

Family Members

The children see their parents and extended family members being supportive and also learn to be a responsible member of a community. Parents complete a parent participation/volunteer form upon enrollment and annually. Volunteer oppurtunities/needs are posted in the newletter.

Community Members

Community members may contact the school if interested in volunteer opportunities. Examples of volunteer opporuntuities are; sharing cultural experiences, science/music activities, helping with community fundraisers, sitting on the board are available. We are open to your ideas and suggestions. Please call (763)788-0889 or email lvmschool@yahoo.com.